Interactive 3D video

This project was part of a placement at the BBC R&D, Production Magic group. The project was implemented using a multiple-view video, captured in a 16-camera studio with a blue-screen backdrop for foreground segmentation.


Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 18.53.24

The scenario of the project was to make an interactive 3D video, recorded by a multiple-camera capturing system, of an actor who was matching the poses of five portraits by famous artists. The virtual surrounding was modelled in 3D Studio Max; each object in the scene was then separately imported in a WebGL based application. The design of the virtual scene intended not to mimic the real world but to provide an escape from reality by offering the option to view things differently through an interactive and engaging way of looking at art. The goal was to offer a different experience for the user from that of a common exhibition space.


Credit: BBC R&D, Production Magic Group, Oliver Grau and Julien Pansiot